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Benefits - Enfrawaste


EnfraWaste uses only proven technologies. The technologies used for EnfraWaste projects excel because:

Provide landfill diversion– EnfraWaste technologies provide up to 100% diversion of waste away from landfill.

Lessen greenhouse gas emissions at landfill sites – EnfraWaste waste repurposing facilities do not emit greenhouse gases, but landfill sites emit considerable greenhouse gases. For each tonne of biodegradable organic waste, refuse, or biomass waste diverted away from a landfill site to a waste repurposing facility it eliminates around 0.32 tonnes of CO2 equivalent landfill greenhouse gas.

Clean energy source – EnfraWaste energy generation solutions provide some of the cleanest non-nuclear fuel type energy sources available.

Create jobs – create local jobs from general labour to highly skilled.

Improve finances – reduce operational costs and generate new revenue sources for the organization

Safe operation – EnfraWaste uses only technologies which often far exceed minimum safety requirements.

Extensively and successfully field-tested – EnfraWaste uses only technologies with a proven track record of success.

EnfraWaste solutions excel because of their:

Flexible approach to solution providing – EnfraWaste is flexible, whenever possible, in providing solutions.

Flexible project funding – EnfraWaste solutions provide flexible funding and partnership alternatives to facilitate project origination.

Risk mitigation and standardization – The extensive risk mitigation and standardization features built into each EnfraWaste solution provide all stakeholders with a sense of confidence that project development will be consistent from one project to the next.

For more information on the advantages and benefits of an EnfraWaste solution, contact EnfraWaste.

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