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Benefits - Enfrawaste


EnfraWaste uses only proven technologies. The technologies used for EnfraWaste projects excel because:

Up to 100% landfill diversion – EnfraWaste technologies provide up to 100% diversion of waste away from landfill.

Lessens greenhouse gas emissions at landfill sites – energy-to-waste facilities do not emit greenhouse gases, but landfill sites emit considerable greenhouse gases. For each tonne of biodegradable organic waste, refuse, or biomass waste diverted away from a landfill site to an energy-to-waste facility, it eliminates around 0.32 tonnes of CO2 equivalent landfill greenhouse gas.

Clean energy source – EnfraWaste technology solutions provide some of the cleanest non-nuclear fuel type energy sources available.

100% pathogen destruction – Pathogen destruction is the most overlooked aspect of waste management. For reference, the 2003 cost of SARS contagion in Asia was US$59 Billion (source Asian Development Bank). Waste and refuse is a potential incubator for serious pathogens. Only thermal processes, such as the technologies EnfraWaste uses, that operate above 300 C can guarantee 100% pathogen destruction.

Safe operation – EnfraWaste technology solutions are safe to operate. The gasification solutions generate two discharges – gas and a small amount of solid residue. The gas emissions generated by these technologies are far safer than the firing of fossil fuels. Hazardous air pollutant emissions such as dioxins and heavy metals decrease by up to 99% when compared to the firing of fossil fuels. The solid residue is environmentally safe and is often used as a fertilizer or cement additive. This means EnfraWaste technology solutions can be safely operated onsite at a hospital, municipality, or industrial organization.

Extensively and successfully field-tested – EnfraWaste technology solutions are already operating successfully at numerous sites around the world.  

EnfraWaste solutions excel because of their:

Flexible approach to solution providing – EnfraWaste is flexible, whenever possible, in providing solutions

Flexible project funding – EnfraWaste solutions provide flexible funding and partnership alternatives to facilitate project origination

Risk mitigation and standardization – The extensive risk mitigation and standardization features built into each EnfraWaste solution provide all stakeholders with a sense of confidence that project development will be consistent from one project to the next.

For more information on the advantages and benefits of an EnfraWaste solution, contact EnfraWaste.

EnfraWaste is the new way forward for organizations to efficiently manage waste.