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What We Do - Enfrawaste

What We Do

EnfraWaste infrastructure solutions focus on “Recovery”, the 4th “R” in the Five-R Model. The 4th R solution includes some form of waste repurposing facility, which is often located onsite at the municipality, industrial organization, or institution. EnfraWaste, a waste repurposing solutions provider specializing in the development, finance, ownership, and management of sustainable waste infrastructure projects, operates waste repurposing facilities around the globe with a focus on the industrial, municipal, and institutional sectors.

Circular Economy
Increasingly the world is demanding solutions which lead to a circular economy. A circular economy is a system which minimizes the input of resources and output of emissions and waste. Creating a perfectly circular economy is complex and Enfrawaste believes the modern world is nowhere near attaining it. EnfraWaste focuses on technology solutions which are available now which when implemented take us closer to a truly circular economy.

Waste repurposing means to use technology to create alternative purposes for waste streams typically sent to landfills. EnfraWaste waste repurposing facilities can be designed to focus on specific waste streams such as plastic waste or a cross-section of other types of waste. Although there are many waste stream types, EnfraWaste focuses on repurposing unusable, hard-to-recycle, and contaminated waste streams. Examples of waste repurposing byproducts include diesel or syngas which can be used to heat buildings or generate electricity or alternate forms of energy such as hydrogen.

EnfraWaste uses only proven technologies, often with hundreds of installed sites. It only uses technologies which are considered 100% safe and can be located directly at the municipality, industrial organization, or institution if desired. EnfraWaste projects typically address processing requirements of 1 to 150 tons per day.

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EnfraWaste is the new way forward for organizations to efficiently manage waste.