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Who we are - Enfrawaste

Communities and companies around the globe are increasingly looking for alternatives to address their solid, liquid, oil, and plastic waste needs. Many communities face landfill usage limitations and high trucking costs to transport municipal solid waste to distant locations. Still other communities and organizations welcome the benefits which waste repurposing facilities provide the community or organization. Whatever the reason, the demand for alternative waste infrastructure solutions has grown significantly during the last several years. Infrastructure funding complexity, access to capital, and the overall challenge of developing a waste infrastructure project are preventing them from addressing these needs. 

To address this demand, EnfraWaste has committed itself to the Recovery strategy of the Five-R model of waste management.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, EnfraWaste is a waste repurposing firm specializing in the development, finance, ownership, and management of sustainable waste recovery infrastructure assets with a long-term, build and hold strategy delivering secure and stable returns to its investors with a focus on North America and internationally.

Our Vision

A transformed world through truly sustainable waste repurposing infrastructure.

Our Mission

To move the modern world closer to a truly circular economy.

EnfraWaste - Moving the modern world closer to a truly circular economy.